Contributions 2023

Selection of publications and other contributions from researchers involved in the ReNEW Hub.
Edited Volumes

Elstad, Eyvind (ed.) Teacher Education in the Nordic Region. Challenges and Opportunities. Springer 2023.

Hemstad, Ruth and Peter Stadius (eds). Nordic Experiences in Pan-nationalisms: A Reappraisal and Comparison, 1840–1940. Routledge 2023.

de la Porte, Caroline, Jensen, Mads Dagnis and Jon Kvist. "Grand challenges and the Nordic model: regulatory responses and outcomes", Regulation & Governance.

Journal Articles

Rom-Jensen, Byron, Hellenes, Andreas Mørkved, Hilson, Mary and Carl Marklund. ‘Modelizing the Nordics: transdiscursive migrations of Nordic models, c. 1965-2020’, Scandinavian Journal of History, 48:2 (2023), pp. 249-271.