Tuuli Karhu defends her PhD

As the first PhD from the Talman lab, Tuuli Karhu MSc (Pharm) will defend her doctoral dissertation on Saturday, 22nd of May.

In her PhD project within the fields of cardiac pharmacology and toxicology Tuuli Karhu has characterised and developed new cell-based models for cardiotoxicity studies and toxicological screening of compounds and used these models to study the effects of two families of compounds: those targeted to the cardiac transcription factor GATA4 and those targeted to the intracellular signalling mediator protein kinase C.

The dissertation is entitled “Pharmacological and toxicological characterisation of GATA4- and protein kinase C-targeted compounds in cardiac cell models” and is available in electronic form in Helda.

The work has been co-supervised by Professor Heikki Ruskoaho and Dr Virpi Talman. Professor Eeva Moilanen, University of Tampere, will serve as the opponent and Professor Raimo Tuominen from the Division of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy as the custos.

The public examination, which will be in Finnish, starts at 12:15 and is available as a live stream through this link.