Seminar series

Population Ageing Seminar series.

07.10.2021: Seminar "Becoming farmers. An ethnographic study of startup entrepreneurship"
Presenter: Tuukka Tuunanen

19.11.2020: Seminar "Open access publishing for PhD students in the social sciences"
Presenter: Jawaria Khan

03.09.2020: Seminar “Working during the COVID pandemic”
Presenter: group discussion with Anssi Peräkylä

15.06.2020: Seminar “Networking at scientific conferences”
Presenter: Zhen Jie Im

13.03.2020: Seminar “Sustainability and population ageing”
Presenter: Juho Sarasma

06.09.2019: Seminar “KONE grant applications”
Presenters: group discussion

15.08.2019: Seminar “Conference presentations”
Presenter: Visa Rantanen

07.06.2019: Seminar “What are comparative case studies?”
Presenter: Kathrin Komp-Leukkunen

09.02.2018: Seminar “Dynamic microsimulation in the Social Sciences – an introduction”
Presenter: Gijs Dekkers, Federal Planning Bureau, Belgium
organized in cooperation with the Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences

14.11.2017: Seminar “Introduction to university pedagogy”
Presenter: Kathrin Komp

12.09.2017: Seminar “Current developments at the university”
Presenters: group discussion

10.04.2017: Seminar “Noncompliance among older Croatian patients”
Presenter: Marcel Leppee, Institute for Healthy Ageing, Zagreb, Croatia

14.02.2017: Seminar “The commercializaton of sociological research”
Presenter: Kathrin Komp

29.09.2016: Seminar “How to get research funding”
Presenters: group discussion

14.06.2016: Seminar “Political discourse and budget cuts in British and Finnish family policy”
Presenter: Tuukka Niemi

13.04.2016: Seminar “The basic universal income experiment in Finland”
Presenters: Alina Thimm, Kathrin Komp and Aasa Karimo

12.01.2016: Seminar “Comparing multilevel modelling softwares”
Presenters: Kathrin Komp and Aasa Karimo