Population Ageing researchers.

Kathrin Komp-Leukkunen, PhD, associate professor, research group leader
research: population ageing, old age, life-courses, welfare policies, economic crisis, simulations
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Zhen Jie Im, postdoctoral researcher
research: electoral politics, political competition, welfare state, labour market dualization, economic globalization, digitalization
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Visa Rantanen, PhD student
research: retirement planning, digitalization, population ageing, intergenerational politics
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Jawaria Khan, PhD student
research: knowledge migrants, globalization, brain drain
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Teemu T. Kemppainen, postdoctoral researcher
research: aging, critical sociology, spatial analysis, unemployment, urban sociology, welfare state, well-being
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Juho Sarasma, student assistant
research interests: retirement planning, sustainability

Petteri Kolmonen, student assistant
research interests: self-employment in old age, inequality, globalization, social stratification

Xiao Jinyi, M.Sc., affiliated researcher
research interests: retirement, labour market, industrial relation, downsizing, China

Sergio Tavares, PhD, affiliated researcher
research: Service Designer Lead and advisor at iconic design group frog, a part of Capgemini Invent. He holds a Doctoral Degree in Culture and Technology and is the co-founder of Geist, an independent research initiative that investigates cultural values.
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Visiting researchers
2018 Gijs Dekkers, PhD, Federal Planning Bureau, Belgium
2017 Marcel Leppee, PhD, Institute for Healthy Ageing, Zagreb, Croatia

Former group members
Aasa Karimo, student assistant
Motoko Ishikawa, PhD student