Our team and open positions

We are in process of moving to the Institute of Plant Molecular Biology, Biology Centre CAS. Thus, we are no longer recruiting at the University of Helsinki. Here are some thoughts on what I expect of an application.


Michael Wrzaczek, PI

Phd, Group Leader - Docent - Academy Fellow

In the lab generally known as "Michi" - I am a plant molecular biologist interested in the molecular function of receptor-like protein kinases (and their relatives) and evolution. I head the receptor-ligand signaling group (short the recsig group) at the University of Helsinki, Department of Biosciences. The team consists of a small group of very talented, motivated researchers - you can find their profiles below. We mainly use a combination of molecular biology, biochemistry, plant physiology with bioinformatic analysis of protein evolution. As model system we mainly concentrate on the small weed plant Arabidopsis thaliana but we are also expanding our repertoire with Marchantia polymorpha and tomato. The group is also part of the Viikki Plant Science Centre (ViPS) and the Centre of Excellence in the Molecular Biology of Primary Producers.

I teach computer methods for biologists where I aim to introduce the basics of using the Unix/Linux commandline as well as programming/scripting in the Perl language. I also teach signal transduction where I am particularly fond of talking about protein post-translational modifications and protein phosphorylation. You can find some of my lecture slides here.

Before moving to Finland I graduated with a PhD in Genetics from the University of Vienna where I worked on glycogen synthase kinase 3 homologs in plants under the guidance of Dr. Claudia Jonak and Prof. Heri Hirt.

When in am not in the lab or the office (or travelling) I am likely to be taking care of my aquariums, lifting weights or entertaining myself with anything related to SciFi. Typically also listening to a more or less eclectic collection of music - here is what currently motivates me in the gym...

Contact me:
Michael Wrzaczek, PhD, Docent
Group leader, Academy Research Fellow
Department of Biosciences
Viikki Plant Science Centre (ViPS)
P.O. Box 65 (Viikinkaari 1)
00014 University of Helsinki
Phone: +358 (0)2 941 57773

Huiting Jin

Doctoral student

My work is focussed on the structure of CRK ectodomain,BBX and LBD transcription factor protein-protein interaction networks.

I am from China,and have completed the Master degree at Lanzhou University in China. During the graduate school where I have worked on phosphatases.

I like sports, music, cartoons and am good at table tennis, badminton, and tennis.