How to apply to join our team

Note that this is mostly targeted to post-doctoral researchers and PhD students but is less important for students asking to join for a trainings period.

• A motivation letter or motivation statement (also called a cover letter)
• An up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV)
• Contact information for references
• A publication list (can be part of the CV)
• (Language certificates might be needed for doctoral students)

Motivation statement:

Here you need to clearly explain why you would like to join our research team. Look at our publications, webpage and other available information.

  • What interests you about the research that my group is doing? If you don’t know that, you probably should not be applying!
  • What value you will bring to the team - why should we be interested in you?
  • Have you understood what the team is doing?
  • Avoid long texts about your current/past research. A short paragraph linking your past with the research that you want to do in my team (“Based on my background in…” etc.) is good but anything more than this should be in your CV.

Importantly, if you are unsure and you would need more information about the position, the research group, or the work environment then send an email asking for more information. This is not impolite and actually gives a good impression since you are showing interest.

Read the announcement carefully! I will invariably ask for pdf documents, not doc files

Use an email address based on your name. If you are not currently employed and therefore have an official email address (or you don’t want or cannot use that for whatever reason) there are plenty of free options.

Some more links with info on applications: