Following MSc thesIs topics are available in our group:

Significance of winter and summer leaves in European populations of Fragaria vesca

Woodland strawberry grows two cohorts of leaves; summer leaves that wilt in autumn, and winter leaves that are grow in early autumn and stay green through winter. The significance of these two leaf types in several European provenances of F. vesca are studied in a field experiment in Viikki. The project is carried out in collaboration with Professor Timo Hytönen (Department of Agricultural Science, University of Helsinki.  More information about the MSc thesis topics:


Effects of mild winters on the performance of the legume Lupinus polyphyllus in dry meadows - a mesocosm experiment

Lupinus polyphyllus is a nitrogen fixing perennial legume, which is invading meadows and road verges in Finland. We are studying how mild winters affect the performance of Lupinus in a mesocosm experiment in Viikki. Dry meadow mesocosms containing 12 species were established in 2016, and Lupinus will be introduced in spring 2017.  More information about the MSc thesis topics:

Our group provides all the consumables and facilities, and we will help students apply for personal grants.