Introducing Tom Konings – a visiting Master's student from KU Leuven, Belgium

Tom Konings from Leuven, Belgium has an internship in our research group from September 2022 to May 2023.

"My name is Tom Konings and I’m finishing my master’s degree at the university of Helsinki. My home university is the KU Leuven, where I’m doing a master’s in drug development. One of the things I felt was missing from my time as a student was an international experience, hence the reason I’m on an Erasmus. I picked Finland because I really liked the possible thesis project in prof. Strachan’s research group. As it turns out, I picked well because both Finland and prof. Strachan’s group are amazing! My project is about the study of the crystallisation process of indomethacin using non-linear optics. It is a very challenging and interdisciplinary project but the people here make sure I’m getting all the help I need. I very much recommend anyone hesitating about combining an Erasmus with a thesis to just go for it, and, if they’re into spectroscopy, to come to this group!"