You are warmly welcome to participate in our type 1 diabetes studies. Currenty participants are recruited into the TrialNet and INNODIA studies and the Finnish Pediatric Diabetes Register.


TrialNet Finland recruits relatives of people with T1D from all over Finland.
You qualify for free risk screening if you

  • are between the age of 2.5 and 45 and have a parent, brother/sister or child with T1D
  • are between the age of 2.5 and 20 and have an aunt/uncle, cousin, grandparent, niece/nephew or half-brother/sister with T1D
  • have not been diagnosed with diabetes.


  • are known to have 1 or more islet antibodies and are not family member of T1D.

For more information:, Study Nurses Saila Anolin-Hiemann tel. +358 50 314 9393 and Susanne Johansson tel. +358 50 427 2353 or the Coordinator Minna Hirvasniemi tel. +358 50 448 8906.


We are recruiting children and adolescents with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes and their healthy family members in the Children's Hospital, Helsinki, and in Jorvi Hospital in Espoo.

You are eligible for the study if you

  • aged 1 to <45 years
  • have type 1 diabetes
  • be within 6 weeks from diagnosis of type 1 diabetes


  • aged 1 to <45 years
  • have a first degree relative (parent, child, full or half-siblings) with type 1 diabetes who were diagnosed before the age of 45 years.

For more information: and Study Nurses Susanne Johansson, tel. +358 50 427 2353, Saila Anolin-Hiemann tel. +358 50 314 9393 and Elina Nurkkala, tel. +358 50 472 8532

The Finnish Pediatric Diabetes Register

The Finnish Pediatric Diabetes Register is an ongoing study at all children´s hospitals. The Diabetes Register is collecting data and samples for diabetes research and treatment.

We recruit children and adolescents with newly diagnosed diabetes (all forms of diabetes, not only type 1 diabetes) and his/her family members. Only a one-time blood sample is taken.

For more information: diabetes doctor/nurse taking care of your child/adolescent diabetes to join the Register or the Register Nurse Sirpa Nolvi, or tel +358 50 427 0564.