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  • PREPRINT: Alve S, Gramolelli S, Jukonen J, Juteau S, Pink A, Manninen A, Monto E, Lackman MH, Olli Carpén, Karaman S, Saharinen P, Vaahtomeri K, Ojala PM. DLL4-Notch3-WNT5B axis is a novel mediator of bi-directional pro-metastatic crosstalk between melanoma and lymphatic endothelial cells. (2023) [BioRxiv] 

  • PREPRINT: Rannikko JH, Verlingue L, Miguel MD, Pasanen A, Robbrecht D, Skytta T, Iivanainen S, Shetty S, Ma YT, Graham DM, Arora SP, Jaakkola P, Yap C, Xiang Y, Mandelin J, Karvonen MK, Jalkanen J, Karaman S, Koivunen JP, Minchom A, Hollmén M, Bono P. Bexmarilimab-induced macrophage activation leads to treatment benefit in solid tumors: the phase I/II first-in-human MATINS trial. (2023) [medRxiv]

  • Paavonsalo S, Subashi Y, Lackman MH, Karaman S. Whole-mount immunofluorescence staining of blood and lymphatic vessels in murine small intestine. STAR Protoc. 2023 May 13;4(2):102310 [Pubmed] [Link to paper]

  • Li Z, Antila S, Nurmi H, Chilov D, Korhonen EA, Fang S, Karaman S, Engelhardt B, Alitalo K. Autoimmune neuroinflammation is not affected by the VEGFC/VEGFR3 inhibition-mediated regression and functional impairment of dural lymphatic vessels. Sci Immunol. 2023 Sci Immunol. 2023 Apr 14;8(82):eabq0375 [Pubmed] [Link to paper]

  • Anisimov A, Fang S, Hemanthakumar KA, Örd T, Avondt KV, Chevre R, Anu Toropainen A, Singha P, Gilani H, Nguyen SD, Karaman S, Korhonen EA, Adams RH, Augustin HG, Öörni K, Soehnlein O, Kaikkonen MU, Alitalo K. The angiopoietin receptor Tie2 is atheroprotective in arterial endothelium. Nat Cardiovasc Res. 2, 307–321 (2023). [Link to paper]

  • Lackman MH, Subashi Y, Karaman S. A closer look at adipose tissue lymphatics and their markers. Curr Opin Hematol. 2022 Feb 25. [Pubmed] [Link to paper]

  • Karaman S*, Paavonsalo S, Heinolainen K, Lackman MH, Ranta A, Hemanthakumar KA, Kubota Y, Alitalo K*. Interplay of vascular endothelial growth factor receptors in organ-specific vessel maintenance. J Exp Med. 2022 Mar 7;219(3):e20210565 [Pubmed] [Link to paper] [Link to commentary] [Link to Cover]

* Corresponding authors

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    • Yamashita M, Niisato M, Kawasaki Y, Karaman S, Robciuc MR, Shibata Y, Ishida Y, Nishio R, Masuda T, Sugai T, Ono M, Tuder RM, Alitalo K, Yamauchi K. VEGF-C/VEGFR-3 signaling in macrophages ameliorates acute lung injury. Eur Respir J. 2021 Aug 26:2100880 [Pubmed] [Link to paper]
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    2009 - 2019
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    Book chapters
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