Our lab is multidisciplinary, international and collegial and we are committed to offer high-standard scientific training in a supportive environment. If you wish to join our lab or collaborate, do not hesitate to contact:


Principal Investigator, Professor

I want to understand the physiological relevance of new regulatory mechanisms involved in nutrient sensing of animals.
Telephone: +358-2-941 58001
Biocenter 1, room 4317


Postdoctoral Researcher   (Currently on leave)

I am interested to learn how nutrient and redox sensing are coupled providing successful adaptation of Drosophila to different dietary environments.
Biocenter 1, room 4312


Postdoctoral Researcher 

I am interested in tumor targeting and metabolomics of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease associated hepatocellular carcinoma.
Biocenter 1, room 4311


Postdoctoral Researcher

I am interested in understanding the genetic and molecular basis of sugar sensing, and the pathological consequences of its dysregulation.
Biocenter 1, room 4311



Postdoctoral Researcher

I want to use imaging and epigenetic modalities to investigate the mechanistic link between nutrients and stem cell differentiation.
Biocenter 1, room 4311


PostDoctoral Researcher 

During my PhD I got particularly fascinated about how cells are able to respond and adapt their growth rate according to environmental challenges such as scarce nutrient availability and the main aim of my postdoc is to further explore the impact of different dietary environments on Drosophila intestinal cell growth and physiology.
Biocenter 1, room 4312


PhD Student

In my research, I'm using bioinformatics to identify novel regulators of sugar sensing networks.
Biocenter 1, room 4310


PhD Student

I am interested in characterizing and describing the role of Mlx-Mondo in embryogenesis and germline development.
Biocenter 1, room 4310


PhD Student

I am interested in finding new genes and pathways involved in sugar tolerance.
Biocenter 1, room 4310


PhD Student

My focus is in analysis of cell population changes in the midgut.
Biocenter 1, room 4310


Laboratory Manager

My main focus is to keep my colleagues happy by making sure that things run smoothly.

Phone: +358-50-3182928
Biocenter 1, room 4335


Research Technician 

I am working in the MetaStem Metabolomics unit; maintaining, calibrating and running samples with the Orbi-Wan: a mass spectrometer coupled to a high-performance liquid chromatography system
Phone: +358-50-5203327 
Biocenter 2, room 1079


Postdoctoral Researchers

Cagri Yalgin, University of Helsinki
Martin Broberg, University of Helsinki
Riikka Hynynen, University of Helsinki 
Richard Melvin, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Wei Zhang, Nanjing Agricultural University

PhD students

Ying Liu, Harvard University
Kiran Hasygar, University of Helsinki
Mari Teesalu, University of Helsinki
Essi Havula, University of Sydney

Other group members

Oona Kinnunen, Aalto University