RIP-team trainees in January 2024

Year 2024 has started well in RIP-team, and we have had the pleasure of having two trainees in our team: Laboratory assistant student Kristina Shahab from Stadin AO (Helsinki Vocational College and Adult Institute) and a student from Ranua Christian Folk High School, Silmu Kanninen. 

The Nuclear waste disposal research team employs several trainees who are invaluable in assisting the staff while familiarizing themselves with laboratory work. The photograph shows Kristina (left) and Silmu (right) measuring gamma-radiation with a high-purity germanium detector. Measurements like this are needed, for example, in determining the activities of radioactive waste produced in the laboratory and thereby ensuring it can be safely disposed. Other measurements typically done by trainees include quality control of radiation detectors and monitoring the laboratories for radioactive contamination. 

Kristina spent few months working with us during the on-the-job learning phase of her studies. She learned to analyse the radioactivity of geological samples with autoradiography technique and to perform radioactivity measurements of liquid samples with germanium detector among other things. Silmu spent one week with us during her school´s work practice program. During the week, she did gamma measurements and polished rock samples used in nuclear waste disposal research. Rock samples need to be manually polished for autoradiography measurements and this is one of the tasks fit for a trainee.

We have been happy to have you on our team, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!