Selected and recent publications from Network Pharmacology for Precision Medicine group.
Selected pub­lic­a­tions
  1. Ianevski, A., He, L., Aittokallio, T. & Tang, J. SynergyFinder: a web application for analyzing drug combination dose–response matrix data. Bioinformatics 33, 2413-2415 (2017).
  2. Yadav, B., Wennerberg, K., Aittokallio, T. & Tang, J. Searching for drug synergy in complex dose–response landscapes using an interaction potency model. Computational and structural biotechnology journal 13, 504-513 (2015).
  3. Tang, J. & Aittokallio, T. Network pharmacology strategies toward multi-target anticancer therapies: from computational models to experimental design principles. Current pharmaceutical design 20, 23-36 (2014).
  4. Tang, J. et al. Making sense of large-scale kinase inhibitor bioactivity data sets: a comparative and integrative analysis. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 54, 735-743 (2014).
  5. Tang, J. et al. Target inhibition networks: predicting selective combinations of druggable targets to block cancer survival pathways. PLoS computational biology 9, e1003226 (2013).
  6. Hanage, W. P., Fraser, C., Tang, J., Connor, T. R. & Corander, J. Hyper-recombination, diversity, and antibiotic resistance in pneumococcus. Science 324, 1454-1457 (2009).
Latest pub­lic­a­tions from TUHAT

Drug Target Commons: A Community Effort to Build a Consensus Knowledge Base for Drug-Target Interactions

Tang, J., Tanoli, Z-R., Ravikumar, B., Alam, Z., Rebane, A., Vähä-Koskela, M., Peddinti, G., van Adrichem, A. J., Wakkinen, J., Jaiswal, A., Karjalainen, E., Gautam, P., He, L., Parri, E., Khan, S., Gupta, A., Ali, M., Yetukuri, L., Gustavsson, A-L., Seashore-Ludlow, B., Hersey, A., Leach, A. R., Overington, J. P., Repasky, G., Wennerberg, K. & Aittokallio, T. 15 Feb 2018 In : Cell chemical biology. 25, 2, p. 224-+ 8 p.

Treatment of novel IL17A inhibitor in glioblastoma implementing 3rd generation co-culture cell line and patient-derived tumor model

Khan, M. S. S., Asif, M., Basheer, M. K. A., Kang, C. W., Al-Suede, F. S., Ein, O. C., Tang, J., Majid, A. S. A. & Majid, A. M. S. A. 15 May 2017 In : European Journal of Pharmacology.803, p. 24-38 15 p.

Discovery of novel drug sensitivities in T-PLL by high-throughput ex vivo drug testing and mutation profiling

Andersson, E. I., Pützer, S., Yadav, B., Dufva, O., Khan, S., He, L., Sellner, L., Schrader, A., Crispatzu, G., Oleś, M., Zhang, H., Adnan-Awad, S., Lagström, S., Bellanger, D., Mpindi, J. P., Eldfors, S., Pemovska, T., Pietarinen, P., Lauhio, A., Tomska, K., Cuesta-Mateos, C., Faber, E., Koschmieder, S., Brümmendorf, T. H., Kytölä, S., Savolainen, E-R., Siitonen, T., Ellonen, P., Kallioniemi, O., Wennerberg, K., Ding, W., Stern, M-H., Huber, W., Anders, S., Tang, J., Aittokallio, T., Zenz, T., Herling, M. & Mustjoki, S. 2018 In : Leukemia. 32, 3, p. 774-787 14 p.

Methods for High-throughput Drug Combination Screening and Synergy Scoring

He, L., Kulesskiy, E., Saarela, J. S., Turunen, L. L., Wennerberg, J. K., Aittokallio, T. A. & Tang, J. 2018 In : Methods in molecular biology. 1711, p. 351-398

Informatics Approaches for Predicting, Understanding, and Testing Cancer Drug Combinations

Tang, J. 2017 Kinase Signaling Networks. Tan, A-C. & Huang, P. H. (eds.). 1st ed. ed. New York: Humana Press, p. 485-506 22 p. ( Methods in Molecular Biology; vol. 1636)

A Community Challenge for Inferring Genetic Predictors of Gene Essentialities through Analysis of a Functional Screen of Cancer Cell Lines

Gönen, M., Weir, B. A., Cowley, G. S., Vazquez, F., Guan, Y., Jaiswal, A., Karasuyama, M., Uzunangelov, V., Wang, T., Tsherniak, A., Howell, S., Marbach, D., Hoff, B., Norman, T. C., Airola, A., Bivol, A., Bunte, K., Carlin, D., Chopra, S., Deran, A., Ellrott, K., Gopalacharyulu, P., Graim, K., Kaski, S., Khan, S. A., Newton, Y., Ng, S., Pahikkala, T., Paull, E., Sokolov, A., Tang, H., Tang, J., Wennerberg, K., Xie, Y., Zhan, X., Zhu, F., Aittokallio, T., Mamitsuka, H., Stuart, J. M., Boehm, J. S., Root, D. E., Xiao, G., Stolovitzky, G., Hahn, W. C., Margolin, A. A. & Broad-DREAM Community 22 Nov 2017 In : Cell Systems. 5, 5, p. 485-+ 16 p.



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