Selected and recent publications from Network Pharmacology for Precision Medicine group.
Selected pub­lic­a­tions
  1. Ianevski, A., He, L., Aittokallio, T. & Tang, J. SynergyFinder: a web application for analyzing drug combination dose–response matrix data. Bioinformatics 33, 2413-2415 (2017).
  2. Yadav, B., Wennerberg, K., Aittokallio, T. & Tang, J. Searching for drug synergy in complex dose–response landscapes using an interaction potency model. Computational and structural biotechnology journal 13, 504-513 (2015).
  3. Tang, J. & Aittokallio, T. Network pharmacology strategies toward multi-target anticancer therapies: from computational models to experimental design principles. Current pharmaceutical design 20, 23-36 (2014).
  4. Tang, J. et al. Making sense of large-scale kinase inhibitor bioactivity data sets: a comparative and integrative analysis. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 54, 735-743 (2014).
  5. Tang, J. et al. Target inhibition networks: predicting selective combinations of druggable targets to block cancer survival pathways. PLoS computational biology 9, e1003226 (2013).
  6. Hanage, W. P., Fraser, C., Tang, J., Connor, T. R. & Corander, J. Hyper-recombination, diversity, and antibiotic resistance in pneumococcus. Science 324, 1454-1457 (2009).
Latest publications