Principal investigator, Docent in Microbiology

Office 3210 (Biocenter 1)


tel: +358-2941-57111, +358-50-4487041



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My main research interest in molecular microbial ecology with special interest in warming arctic region. I endeavor to determine functions and interactions of the microbial communities in order to understand how microbes in the arctic soils respond to the warming on a molecular scale. In addition in my lab I want to understand how microbial activity and resulting GHG production, or consumption, are altered upon thaw and upon resulting increase in nutrients. My lab’s research is interdisciplinary, combining cutting edge high-throughput sequencing technologies, genetics of microorganisms, bioinformatics and development of new techniques to the study the genetic response of microbes to different environmental conditions. 

Postdoctotal Researcher in the Arctic Microbial Ecology group

Department of Microbiology

PO BOX 56 (Viikinkaari 9)

FI-00014 University of Helsinki, Finland

Phone: +358-2941-59317

Email: igor.pessi at




I am working on my MSc thesis on microbial genomes assembled from arctic soils in Rastegaissa, Norway.

aino.rutanen at

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Research assistant in the Arctic Microbial Ecology group