We are located at Biocenter 1 in the Viikki Campus


Marko Virta
PO Box 56 (Viikinkaari 9)
00014 University of Helsinki
marko.virta -at-

Jenni Hultman
PO Box 56 (Viikinkaari 9)
00014 University of Helsinki
jenni.hultman -at-


We're always looking for good scientists. If you are interested in antiobitic resistance, microbial ecology, molecular ecology or bioinformatics, and you are thinking of pursuing a PhD, please get in touch! Please email Marko Virta or Jenni Hultman explaining how your research interests overlap with ours and describe what you are interested in working on. Please also include your CV. If there are no open positions available you will need to provide some of your own funding or that we need to prepare a proposal to submit to a funding body.

We have many projects suited for bachelor, master and PhD students as part of ongoing projects or we can design new projects. So if you are interested in the topics we work on and would like to do a project get in touch!