Johanna graduted and after working some time for EVIRA, Finnish Food Safety Authority, moved to do post doc in in the group of Tim Johnson at Purdue University,

My path to science has not been the straightest but as the result I have ability to see a bigger picture.

From 2001 to 2007 I worked as a laboratory technician in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. I almost started my studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2008, but felt more like home in Environmental Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. I graduated as MSc in 2012 with a title “Academic Agronomist”, meaning that I have specialized in Agricultural Sciences.

The original idea for my PhD was my own and I was the first studying antibiotic resistance in Finnish agricultural ecosystems.

Writing this, I’m finalizing my PhD thesis, working as a researcher at Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira and finding my place in international scientific community. I’m especially interested in finding the links between environmental resistome and "superbugs". 

I'm also ivolved in a non-profit organization called One Health Finland together with Johannes Cairns. If you want to know more, like us on Facebook, follow on Twitter or visit our pages:

Additional information about me:


PhD student in Arctic microbial ecology group

I started my PhD thesis entitled "Functions and activity of soil microbial communities in the changing Arctic" in September 2019. 


LinkedIn: Sirja Viitamäki