Selected and recent publications
Selected publications

Seifert M, van Nies P, Papini FS, Arnold JJ, Poranen MM, Cameron CE, Depken M, Dulin D (2020). Temperature controlled high-throughput magnetic tweezers show striking difference in activation energies of replicating viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerases. Nucleic Acids Res, in press

Ilca S, Sun X, El Omari K, Kotecha A, Haas FD, DiMaio F, Grimes JM, Stuart DI, Poranen MM, Huiskonen JT (2019). Multiple liquid crystalline geometries of highly compacted nucleic acid in a dsRNA virus. Nature, 570, 252-256

Jiang M, Österlund P, Westenius V, Guo D, Poranen MM, Bamford DH, Julkunen I (2019) Efficient inhibition of avian and seasonal influenza A viruses by a virus-specific Dicer-substrate siRNA swarm in human monocyte-derived macrophages and dendritic cells. J Virol, 93, e01916-18

Sun X, Ilca S, Huiskonen JT, Poranen MM (2018). Dual role of a viral polymerase in viral genome replication and particle self-assembly, mBio 9, e01242-18

Niehl A, Soininen M, Poranen MM, Heinlein M (2018). Synthetic biology approach for plant protection using dsRNA. Plant Biotechnol J, 16, 1679-1687

Sun Z, El Omari K, Sun X, Ilca S, Kotecha A, Stuart DI, Poranen MM, Huiskonen JT (2017). Double-stranded RNA virus outer shell assembly by bona fide domain-swapping. Nat Commun, 8, 14814

Hanhijärvi KJ, Ziedaite G, Bamford DH, Hæggström E, Poranen MM (2017). Single-molecule measurements of viral ssRNA packaging. RNA, 23, 119-129

Mönttinen HA, Ravantti JJ, Poranen MM (2016). Common structural core of three-dozen residues reveals intersuperfamily relationships. Mol Biol Evol, 33, 1697-1710

Collier AM, Lyytinen OL, Poranen MM, Tao YJ (2016). Initiation of RNA polymerization and polymerase encapsidation by a small dsRNA virus. PLoS Pathog, 12, e1005523

Ilca SL, Kotecha A, Sun X, Poranen MM, Stuart DI, Huiskonen JT (2015). Localized reconstruction of subunits from electron cryomicroscopy images of macromolecular complexes. Nat Commun, 6, 8843

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