Pirinen lab in the media

New publication in Molecular Metabolism

19.8.2020 Pirinen lab collaboration project showing NAD+ depletion in mouse cancer cachexia - read all about it in November's issue of Molecular Metabolism!

J.J. Hulmi, F. Penna, N. Pöllänen, T.A. Nissinen, J. Hentilä, L. Euro, J.H. Lautaoja, R. Ballarò, R. Soliymani, M. Baumann, O. Ritvos, E. Pirinen, M. Lalowski 2020. Muscle NAD+ depletion and Serpina3n as molecular determinants of murine cancer cachexia—the effects of blocking myostatin and activins DOI: 10.1016/j.molmet.2020.101046

New publication in Cell Metabolism

14.5.2020 Our niacin trial paper is out! Check out the press release here and be sure to also read the full story in Cell Metabolism -> Pirinen et al. 2020 Niacin Cures Systemic NAD+ Deficiency and Improves Muscle Performance in Adult-Onset Mitochondrial Myopathy DOI: 10.1016/j.cmet.2020.04.008.

In brief: Pirinen et al. report that niacin, a vitamin B3, can efficiently rescue NAD+ levels in the muscle and blood of patients with mitochondrial myopathy, improving disease signs and muscle strength. NAD+ levels increased also in healthy subjects. The evidence suggests that niacin is an effective NAD+ booster in humans.

Review article in Finnish medical journal Duodecim

30.4.2020 A nice overview of mitochondrial dysfunction in metabolic disease published in the Finnish medical journal Duodecim by Vladimir Heiskanen and Eija Pirinen. Article is in Finnish, abstract available also in English. (Mitokondrioiden toimintahäiriö aineenvaihduntasairauksissa - tulevatko B3-vitamiinit aikanaan avuksi? Duodecim 2020 136(9):1005-12)