Second generation political transnationalism as a mode of civic participation

Mari Toivanen:

This study aims to theorize second-generation transnationalism in (post-)conflict contexts by drawing from previously collected interview and observation data concerning second-generation Kurds in Finland and France.

It conceptualizes the mobilization processes of second-generation members of two diaspora communities in the context of the Syrian civil war and the on-going political unrest in Turkey and Iraq. The theorization draws from three empirically-orientated questions based on the overall data:

· How do second-generation Kurds in France and in Finland engage in transnational activities towards the Kurdish areas in Turkey, Iraq and Syria?

· How are these activities shaped by the political, institutional and discursive settings in the transnational space?

· How is transnational capital produced and mobilized by second-generation members, and what bearings does their engagement have on citizenship, belonging and identity?

The study produces new insights into understanding second-generation political transnationalism as a mode of civic and political participation both in the societies of departure and settlement. Furthermore, it produces new research knowledge on the mobilization of transnational capital by the younger members of diaspora communities.

A blog text (in Finnish) relating to the project: Kobanesta Afriniin - Kurdistanin tapahtumat heijastuvat diasporassa