Education in Radiochemistry


Com­puls­ory stud­ies

  • Radiochemistry, 5 cr
  • Basic radiochemistry exercises, 5 cr
  • Nuclear spectrometry, 5 cr
  • Chemistry and analysis of radionuclides, 5 cr or Radiopharmaceutical chemistry, 5 cr
  • Advanced radiochemistry exercises, 5 cr
  • Qualifying exam for radiation safety officer (no credit)

Op­tional stud­ies

  • Chemistry of the nuclear fuel cycle, 5 cr
  • Environmental radioactivity, 5 cr
  • Radionuclide production and tracer techniques, 5 cr
  • Radiation chemistry, 5 cr

Radiochemistry unit offers training at the B.Sc., M.Sc. and doctoral levels at the University of Helsinki, primarily in the Master's and Doctoral Programmes for Chemistry and Molecular Sciences.