The Gut Day

The 14th Finnish Gut Day 26.1.2023.

Finnish Gut Day is a free one day seminar organized since 2007. The seminar aims to bring together Finnish researchers who are active in human microbiome research, related fields of medicine, nutrition, immunology etc. We encourage participants to contribute to the program via posters and  short talks.


The 14th Finnish Gut Day  & The Farewell Lecture given by the newly retired Professor Emeritus Willem M. De Vos was organized on 26.1.2023 in Biomedicum 1.Key note lecturers were Professor Lars Engstrand from Karolinska Institutet and Associate professor Jakob Stockholm from University of Copenhagen. The closing talk was be given by the newly retired Professor Emeritus Willem M. De Vos, University of Helsinki and followed by a farewell reception given by the Faculty of Medicine.


We want to thank you all for your interest!

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Organizer: Dr. Anne Salonen, University of Helsinki


The 14th Finnish Gut Day Program

08.45 - 9.30           Arrivals with Coffee (& posters)


9.30 - 10.15         Professor Lars Engstrand, Karolinska Institutet: Large-scale population-based studies linked to health registers to define the normal vaginal and gut microbiome


10.15 - 11.00        Associate professor Jakob Stockholm, University of Copenhagen: Gut microbiome development in early life and risk of asthma


11.00 - 11.30        Dr. Anne Salonen, University of Helsinki: Mother-infant microbiome interface in early development and reproduction    


11.30 - 12.00        Dr. Tommi Vatanen, University of Helsinki: Interplay between gut bacteria, secondary metabolites and infant development


12.00 - 13.30         Lunch & Posters


13.30 - 13.50         Dr. Anna Aatsinki, University of Turku: Dynamics of gut metabolome and microbiome maturation during early life


13.50 - 14.10         MSc Roselydiah Makunja, University of Helsinki: Impacts of maternal microbiota and microbial metabolites on the fetus


14.10 - 14.30         Dr. Oliver Aasmets, University of Tartu: Systematic evaluation of additive drug effects on the gut microbiome in the Estonian Microbiome Cohort 


14.30 - 14.50         Dr. Katariina Pärnänen, University of Turku: Determinants of antimicrobial resistance genes in the FINRISK cohort 


10 min break to let attendees for the closing lecture to enter the auditorium  


15.00 - 15.45         Professor Emeritus Willem M de Vos, University of Helsinki: Human Microbiomics: Quo Vadis ? 


Farewell reception for Professor Emeritus Willem M de Vos