Dies Mediaevales 2019, Jyväskylä

Dies Mediaevales is a biannually held multidisciplinary and international conference that brings together scholars from different Finnish universities and disciplines ranging from archaeology and art history to history and philosophy. The conference program combines keynote lectures, papers and panel discussions about various research projects and disciplinary research trends. The conference languages are Finnish, Swedish and English. Glossa ry. will also award the Valoisa Keskiaika (The Luminous Middle Ages) prize during the conference. MedPub also participates.

29 March: Medieval Publishing

Session 3-1: Publishing in the High and Later Middle Ages

Chair: Jaakko Tahkokallio

Samu Niskanen: Authorial publication, the papacy, and related crises

Lauri Leinonen: Networks of Publishing in the Anglo-Norman World

Jakub Kujawínski: Preventing crises: the supervision of friars’ publishing in the mendicant orders

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