Project team

Principal Investigator - Dr Samu Niskanen

Dr Samu Niskanen is Associate Professor of Medieval History at the University of Helsinki. His research prior to this project has been mainly into the transmission and reception of medieval texts, which he has studied in the contexts of letters, monastic theology, and the crusades. Samu’s first assignments in MedPub concern the historiography of the first crusade and the dynamics of literary dedications and commissions in ecclesiastical texts.


Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Dr Jakub Kujawinski

Dr Jakub Kujawiński is Lecturer in Medieval History at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He worked on the project during a period of research leave from October 2017 to March 2021. Jakub is a specialist in medieval Latin historiography. Previously his main focus has been the long-term reception of historical texts, as witnessed by copies, glosses, commentaries, and vernacular translations. For MedPub he investigated publishing by mendicant friars and university masters, focusing on the most promising cases, such as Nicholas Trevet OP (c. 1258 - c. 1334).


Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Dr Valentina Rovere

Dr Valentina Rovere joined MedPub in April 2019 and will work for the project until September 2022. Valentina is a medieval philologist and her main researches concern Giovanni Boccaccio’s Latin works. She’s currently working on a new edition of his ‘De montibus’ and her first assignment for MedPub is a complete survey of the earliest manuscript tradition of the four Latin encyclopedias of Boccaccio.


Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Dr Jaakko Tahkokallio

Dr Jaakko Tahkokallio is Curator of the Special Collections in the National Library of Finland. He worked for MedPub during a period of research leave, from January to June 2018. Jaakko’s previous research interests include the medieval reception and readership of Geoffrey of Monmouth, the use of Classical Latin texts in high-medieval schools, and manuscript production in medieval Finland. For MedPub, he studied the publishing and circulation of historical works in the Anglo-Norman realm, 1066–c. 1150.


Doctoral Student - MA Lauri Leinonen

MA Lauri Leinonen joined MedPub in January 2018 as co-ordinator and in April as a fully funded doctoral student. Lauri is a medieval historian who is at ease with all things digital. Lauri has worked on several projects pertaining to book history and/or digital humanities. His dissertation scrutinizes networks of publishing over the longue durée. In collaboration with Samu, Lauri manages the digital section of the project.


Project coordinator - MA Olli-Pekka Kasurinen

MA Olli-Pekka Kasurinen joined MedPub in December 2019. Olli-Pekka is a medieval historian. He is currently finishing his PhD concerning English and English-influenced medieval liturgical manuscript fragments in Sweden and Finland. His responsibilities include the project's administration and website as well as the arrangement of conferences and other events.


Phone number: +358 294 123157

Former project coordinator - MA Erkki Kulovesi

MA Erkki Kulovesi joined MedPub in April 2018 as project coordinator. He worked with the project till November 2019. Erkki is a medievalist and has recently started his PhD, the context of which is medieval Ireland.