CML Workshop. Canon, Library, and Medieval Publishing.

CML Workshop is organized by University of Southern Denmark's Centre for Medieval Literature and University of Helsinki's Medieval Publishing-project.

The workshop is held 25 and 26 April 2019 at Odense, Denmark.

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Welcome: LBM & SN

Aglae Pizzone: Intellectual property and pre-modern copyright: a 12th-century example from Byzantium.

Valeria Lovato: Interpreting the paraphrase of the Letter of Aristeas by Isaak Komnenus Porphyrogenitus: political pamphlet, speculum principis or literary display?

A short break

Kristin Bourassa: Two authorial versions of Pierre Salmon’s Dialogues

Valentina Rovere: Manuscripts at dawn: the first circulation of Boccaccio’s Latin works

12:30–13:30 Lunch


Reka Forrai: ‘Vestra auctoritate subnixus’ – pontifical approval and the dissemination of Greek-Latin translations

Samu Niskanen: Publishing, rationalistic theology and papacy in the eleventh century

David Runciman: Publication and pastoral care: bishops’ texts in England and Wales (c.1160-1230)

Coffee break

Irene Salvo García: The evolution of the layout from manuscripts to printed versions of Metamorphoses (Latin and vernacular)

Jakub Kujawinski: Late medieval libraries as a means of publishing?

Dinner 19.30



Julian Yolles: Literary success and failure in the Latin East and West: the case of Fulcher of Chartres

Lars Boje Mortensen: The sad success of William of Tyre’s Chronicle

Lauri Leinonen: Published vs. unpublished? William of Jumièges, William of Poitiers and publication in 11th-century Normandy

A short break

Jaakko Tahkokallio: The twelfth-century renaissance and authorial publishing: observations on histories and their audience

Closing remarks

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