For students

The aim of mathematical physics is to adapt concept and methods of pure mathematics to study physical problems.

A student interested in mathematical physics may choose to have as a major for her/his Master Degree (FM-tutkinto) either Mathematics or Theoretical Physics. The Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Department of Physics offer a wide range of courses pertaining to Mathematical Physics education. On the basis of such offer the interested student can compose a study plan with emphasis on the mathematical or on physical side according to her/his preferences.

Study Opportunities

Group faculty members are willing to supervise

Master's Theses, Ph.D. Theses, and the like.

They may also assign reading courses in diverse fields of mathematics and physics. Topics include Stochastics, Partial Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, Turbulence, and Field Theory. If interested, please contact Kupiainen, Lukkarinen, Izyurov or Muratore-Ginanneschi directly.