This is the team behind the LEGACIES project.
PI: Virpi Timonen

I completed my doctorate at the University of Oxford in 2001. My research has focused on social policies in ageing societies and sociology of intergenerational relationships, providing new insights into how older adults contribute to the maintenance of family solidarity but also make choices that break with established roles.

I have theorised how successful and active ageing are socially constructed through policymaking and my Model Ageing Theory critiques the paradigms that dominate policy making for older adults. In the realm of methods, my work has made Grounded Theory more accessible to a wide range of researchers across substantive fields. 

The Legacies project utilises several substantive topics, concepts and methods that I am already familiar with but also entails much learning and discovery both methodologically and in terms of fast-evolving fields such as human-environment interrelationships. I am the principal investigator of the project.

Malin Bäckman

In this project I am researching environmental and material legacies in Göteborg, Sweden. Before joining the Legacies project, I did my doctoral studies in Environmental Communication at the Department Urban and Rural Development at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). 

 My thesis focused on what comes to count as sustainable in a new and developing urban district called Rosendal, located in Uppsala. I approached the district as a sociomaterial assemblage and explored meanings of sustainability.  

I have previously worked at the Sustainable Places Research Institute at Cardiff University, and I have a Master’s degree in Creative Sustainability from Aalto University.

Federica Previtali

I received an M.A. in Organisational Psychology from the University of Milano-Bicocca and a PhD in Social Psychology from Tampere University. I am interested in the ageing of our societies and how it is addressed in policy and everyday life.

My previous research focused on ageism in organisations and digitalisation from a discursive perspective. My doctoral thesis analysed how age and ageist stereotypes are used and challenged in authentic organisational encounters.

In this project, I conduct fieldwork in Italy (Turin) and widen my perspective on environmental issues and material practices in intergenerational relations.

Eunsil Shin

I did an MSc and PhD in Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, the UK. Based on fourteen months of ethnographic fieldwork in eastern Japan, I explored people’s efforts to rebuild a sense of everyday life in the ruins of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

My research revolves around a shared sense of crisis that emerged in East Asia in the context of Cold War tensions, nuclear matters, toxicity, and issues surrounding environmental inheritance.

Alongside this research, I have also translated into Korean two books by anthropologist Michael Taussig, Mimesis and Alterity: A particular history of the senses (2019) and Walter Benjamin’s Grave (2024).

Friedemann Yi-Neumann

I am an anthropologist who researches legacies in the US (California). I use ethnographic and material culture approaches with a focus on diversity, social inequality and environmental degradation.

In my doctoral thesis, I addressed the challenges of homemaking in asylum reception in Germany. Previously, I was a research associate and scientific coordinator at the University of Göttingen and worked at Goethe University Frankfurt. I have taught at the University of Heidelberg, the University of Mainz, and the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

I am also interested in urban diversities, social reproduction, dispossessions, forced and postmigration, urban and material methods, and curatorial projects.

Admin: Riikka Sarasjärvi

I am the project coordinator for LEGACIES project, taking care of the administrative issues and assisting in various support tasks to ensure that the project runs smoothly. 

Project coordinators are part of research services offering post-award support for large externally funded projects, such as ERC grant projects. 

My tasks include, for example, assisting with funder requirements such as reporting, checking compliance with university guidelines, as well as various tasks related to communications.