Shifting Borders of Europe

We invite you to join us on May 15, 2023, at the Think Corner Stage for an insightful and thought-provoking discussion.
Shifting Borders of Europe

In this Think Corner event, we aim at focusing on the shifting borders of Europe. What is Europe, where is Europe and why is something European, and when? This is especially urgent, as many European and OECD countries have been welcoming a large number of Ukrainian refugees over the last year but there is no plan for what will happen in the coming years. We want to place a European gaze on Ukraine and ask, why and if Ukraine has been kept "outside" Europe, as a resource frontier, as migrant workers and food producers. What are the meanings of "Europeanness" in Ukraine itself, and what is the role of European cooperation networks? We will think about Ukraine in the Soviet, post-Soviet and European integration utopias, locate it in relation to Soviet/Russian imperial projects and ask how these narratives have influenced the border of what is European. We will open up a discussion about Ukraine and its past and future role in the European "story".


The event will be held in English. 


Chair: Marco Piasentier

Opening speech: Alina Hruba


Arseniy Svinarenko

Daria Krivonos

Sherzod Eraliev 

Ville Louekari


You can join the event in person or online by clicking here.