Helsinki Legal History Series: Cristina Vano 31.1.2023

We warmly welcome you to join the Helsinki Legal History Series Lecture with Cristina Vano on 31.1.2023.

When: Tuesday, 31 January 2023, 3:00pm-4:30pm (UTC+3).

Where: Porthania Building, Room P545, University of Helsinki. You can also join us online via Zoom:

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Title and abstract:
National Styles beyond Boarders. A Travelogue of Migrating Legal Stories in the Nineteenth Century.

Within the history of law, we do not know of any age immune to phenomena of legal migration and transposition. Different components of legal discourse - theoretical, practical, normative - travel through time and space and mutate, sometimes assuming national physiognomies and identity functions, in close relationship with their linguistic dimension. On other occasions, the cultural transitions of law instead produce outcomes of internationalisation and standardisation of legal knowledge. In a timeless phenomenon of global proportions, here we want to cut out just a few pages from the travel diaries of nineteenth-century European law and narrate a few stories of translations and other hermeneutic 'compromises', emphasising the special relationship that the jurist establishes with the legal text, in reading, interpreting and reworking it linguistically with respect to the different contexts of reference.