EuroStorie research seminar: Maja Sager 29.4.2022

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Time: Friday, 29 April 2022 at 2:00pm - 3:00pm (UTC+3)
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Wait­ing as a form of Everyday Ra­cism by Maja Sager

Maja Sager is a senior lecturer at the Department of Gender Studies, Lund University, Sweden. In her work she explores how border control and processes of migrant irregularisation are experienced and contested by migrants and activist networks. Her wider research interests include intersectional feminist approaches to citizenship, welfare, nation, anti-racism and struggles for social change.

Currently Sager is working on the project The court as an emerging arena for struggles against and about racism, together with Marta Kolankiewicz, Lund University. It explores the limitations and possibilities of the law, or the court, as an arena for struggles and contestations around racism/anti-racism, migration and feminism.

Previously, Sager has worked with the project: ’Contested Boundaries. An ethnographic study of activist practices for the inclusion of excluded migrants in Sweden, Denmark and the UK’. The project explores how irregularity and exclusion from social and political rights are challenged and negotiated by migrants and other actors in civil society.

In our coming seminar, Sager will discuss a new article, co-authored with Paula Mulinari, Malmö university, on how waiting works as a form of everyday racism connecting the situations of unemployed racialized women and asylum seekers in the UK.

Sager will give a 20 mins talk, followed by discussion, where she outlines some perspectives on feminist approaches/contributions to critical border studies, then briefly visit a few themes that have become relevant to such a research trajectory: Gendered bordering - In/visibility in everyday bordering and Everyday bordering through waiting.