EuroStorie research seminar: Katri Gadd 23.10.2020

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Time: Friday 23.10.2020 13:00-14:00

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Katri Gadd: Combining theory and qualitative methods in research with irregular migrants

In her presentation in the EuroStorie seminar, Gadd will tell about her research with irregular migrants in Finland. The presentation concentrates on telling how Gadd has combined the new reading of time-geography with qualitative research methods she has used such as ethnography, observation and interviews. The new reading of time-geographic approach acknowledges physical, virtual, social and mental elements as inextricable affecting individual space-times. These elements are tightly interconnected and Gadd has paid attention in particular to the interconnections among, and coming together of the manifold elements in the lives of irregular migrants.

In time-geography, other important concepts are constraints and incentives. Those personally experienced constraints and incentives affect the ways in which the subjective realities are perceived. Through Gadd's empirical research, she has highlighted the methods the research participants use to transform their physical, virtual, social and mental space-times in order to create means to overcome the adversities in their lives. Changes in certain elements in life, such as trauma, might have consequences in others, for instance in social relations, due to the interlinkages of the elements.

About the speaker

Katri Gadd is a Postdoctoral research fellow in the Institute for Human Rights at Åbo Akademi University. She has conducted research related to migration from a geographic perspective.