EuroStorie Research Seminar: Jesper Bjarnesen 24.11.2023

We warmly welcome you to attend the third lecture of the EuroStorie Research Seminars Autumn 2023 with Jesper Bjarnesen.
EuroStorie Research Seminar: Jesper Bjarnesen 24.11.2023

When: Friday, 24 November, 1:00pm-2:00pm (UTC+2).

Where: Room 247, Unioninkatu 33 Building.



Worlds Apart: Europe and Africa in Global Migration Governance

On the basis of a newly published edited volume, this lecture offers a reflection on how and why migration has gained such prominence in the relations between the two continents, and sets out to explore the extent to which African and European understandings of, and approaches to, migration governance have grown worlds apart. 

Jesper Bjarnesen is an anthropologist working mainly on migration and mobility through wartime and peace in West Africa. Other interests is wartime displacement, intergenerational relations, rural-urban connections, informal labour recruitment, transnational migration and urban land rights.

This seminar is part of the EuroStorie Research Seminar Series "Racism and anti-racism in Europe and beyond". In our autumn research seminar, we trace and debate racism and anti-racism in Europe and beyond, discussing the intersection of race, citizenship, and policing. Bordering regimes play a pervasive role in daily life, extending beyond political boundaries and official encounters. This seminar series examines how border dynamics, along with policing, deportations, and communal resistance efforts intersect at the governmental and personal levels, bridging conceptual and physical realms.