EuroStorie research seminar: Jakub Urbanik 28.2.2020

The EuroStorie research seminar is organized by the Centre of Excellence in Law, Identity and the European Narratives and will host a guest speaker or several shorter presentations centred around a common theme.

Time: 28.2.2020 13:00-14:00
Place: Room 229, Psychologicum (Siltavuorenpenger 1 A, 00170 Helsinki)

Jakub Urbanik – Enforcing Traditional Values: Courts, Democracy and the LGBT+ in Poland


The on-going constitutional crisis in Poland is not a singular phenomenon in Europe. A common denominator of undermining the role of courts is the claim of their a-(or even anti-)democratic character. In this way the courts are presented as opposing the common democratic values. At the same time, the governmental majority firmly opposes the struggle for equal rights of the LGBT+ community, claiming to defend the traditional societal values. It is the courts that in the recent years in Poland have been confronted with this issue, while deciding cases involving LGBT+ rights: the bans of Prides, libel summons, recognition of same-sex parenthood, and partnerships. Their decisions are always scrutinized in terms of upholding or negating the traditional values. It is therefore reasonable to use these equal rights suits as a test-case illustrating the challenges to rule of law in Poland.