EuroStorie Research Seminar: Hans Ruin 24.2.2023

We warmly welcome you to attend the first lecture of the EuroStorie Research Seminars Spring 2023 with Hans Ruin.
EuroStorie Research Seminar: Hans Ruin 24.2.2023

When: Friday, 24 February, 1:00pm-2:00pm.

Where: Room 247, Unioninkatu 33 Building. You can also join us online via the Zoom link below:

Meeting ID: 672 3000 8219
Passcode: 389577


Revolutionary presence – Historicism and the temporal politics of the Augenblick (Heidegger, Benjamin, Nietzsche)

The lecture describes how history and “the historical” became a battleground for philosophers during the first decades of the 20th century. Focusing on Heidegger, but also Walter Benjamin, it explores how the debates partly came to focus on the topic of the “moment” (Augenblick) as a focal point to think another concept of time, an ethico-political concept of time that implies decision and critique, in a new politics of decisionism of both right-wing and left-wing orientation. Important predecessors for these debates were Kierkegaard, and in particular Nietzsche. The lecture explores the philosophical underpinnings of these struggles, to think time differently, and assesses their implications, both metaphysical and political.