Subproject C: The Legal Framework and the Administrative Process

Its task is to analyse how Roman jurists and other elite authors conceptualized the legal framework of the administrative state and the process of administration.

How jurisprudence and legal practice conceptualized space in administration? What were the needs and requirements of space for legal administration and how do legal texts reflect space? Were the curae mentioned in legal texts offices or mere duties? How did the legal administration cope with the spread of the city? Instead of simply describing the administrative law, it will study the modes of writing and the prioritization of the expert knowledge and the self-definition of law as a closed sphere. Reaching beyond the core of the juristic tradition, the project will present a narrative of the process of exclusion and defining that shaped the formation of the concept of state in the Republican tradition and its relation to other forms of organization. The result will be an unorthodox interpretation of how the law created space and was created in spaces such as the Forum.