Funding for an advanced chemical imaging research infrastructure

The Laser Spectroscopy group is part of a consortium that was just awarded 1.6 million Euro funding to built a national infrastructure for advanced vibrational spectroscopic imaging.

The consortium is led by Prof. Clare Strachan from the Faculty of Pharmacy (Univ. Helsinki). The new imaging infrastructure will be used for various types of applications in the material and life sciences. An important part of the infrastructure will be a novel broadband coherent Raman microscope, which will be built at the Chemistry Department of the University of Helsinki. The instrument will be developed by the teams of Assoc. Prof. Markku Vainio and Lecturer Markus Metsälä in collaboration with the Faculties of Pharmacy and Medicine. Other partners of the Quantitative chemically-specific imaging infrastructure for material and life sciences (qCSI) consortium are the University of Jyväskylä and the LUT University.

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