Courses lectured by Assoc. Prof. Markku Vainio

KEK201 Molekyylien rakenne ja spektroskopia / Structure and spectroscopy of molecules (5 op/cr)

  • Bachelor's Programme in Chemistry
  • Lectured in Finnish

KEM372 Laser spectroscopy instrumentation (5 cr)

  • Master's Programme in Chemistry
  • Lectured in English

KEM365 Laser spectroscopy (5 cr)

  • Master's Programme in Chemistry
  • Lectured in English
  • Also recommended for ASC students (KEM365 is lectured annually, in the second half of the autumn semester. The course includes lab exercises)

KEM365 and KEM372 are recommended for those M.Sc. students who want to gain expertise in laser spectroscopy and experimental physical chemistry. These courses can be included in the Molecular Science course package of the Master's Programme for Chemistry and Molecular Sciences.

Extended list of Master's level courses recommended in physical chemistry

KEM341 Quantum chemistry
KEM342 Molecular modelling
KEM343 Spectroscopy
KEM344 Reaction Kinetics
KEM346 Experimental methods in molecular science 1 (if lectured)
KEM365 Laser spectroscopy
KEM367 Mathematical and numerical methods in computational chemistry
KEM371 Combustion chemistry
KEM372 Laser spectroscopy instrumentation
KEM376 Astrochemistry
KEM379 Industrial analytics using optical techniques (Special course, will be lectured in spring 2020)
ATM358 Atmospheric photochemistry and reaction kinetics

Other useful information

Master's Programme in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences
Doctoral Programme in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences
ASC - Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry, Erasmus Mundus Master Program

Thesis topics and research training

If you are interested in research training, summer jobs or thesis opportunities in our team, please contact Markku Vainio (markku.vainio@helsinki.fi).