At the Swedish School of Social Science you can study journalism and communication mainly in Swedish, but we also offer a number of courses and thematic modules in English.


Here are some of the courses in journalism and communication that we provide:


Bachelor’s courses in journalism and communication:

KSV-JK 101 Introduktion till journalistik och kommunikation

KSV-JK202 Nyhetsjournalistik

KSV-JK209 Genus, journalistik och kommunikation I

KSV-JK224 Journalistisk produktion (Smocka 1)

KSV-JK205 Mediespråk och språkriktighet

KSV-JK225 Strategisk kommunikation

KSV-JK201 Journalistik- och kommunikationsforskning

KSV-JK206 Poddproduktion och radio

KSV-JK203 Videojournalistik

KSV-JK217 Media, innovation and social responsibility (in English)

KSV-406 Metoder i journalistik- och kommunikationsforskning

KSV-JK207 Opinionsgenrer och stilistik

KSV-JK212 Kandidatseminarium och kandidatavhandling i journalistik och kommunikation

KSV-JK219 Konceptplanering och producentskap (Smocka 3)


Master’s courses in journalism and communication:

MSV-JK301 Synvinklar på medie- och kommunikationsforskning

MSV-JK307 Genus, journalistik och kommunikation II

MSV-JK309 Media and communication ethics (in English)

MSV-JK310 Magisterseminarium I

MSV-JK311 Magisterseminarium II

MSV-JK313 Media and the politics of difference (in English)

MSV-JK314 Propaganda and persuasion (in English)

MSV-JK317 Shifts and challenges in journalism (in English)

MSV-JK402 Metodseminarium

MSV-JK401 Etiska frågeställningar i medie- och kommunikationsforskning

MSV-JK602 Journalistiskt ledarskap


Note that not all courses are offered every year.


Please see the updated study programs for the Bachelor's program in Social Sciences and for the Master's program in Social Science (in Swedish). Also check out the online course catalogue providing accurate information on courses for University of Helsinki students.

To apply to our two programs (the Bachelor's program and the Master's program), go to Studyinfo ⁠–⁠ the official website maintained by the Finnish National Agency for Education.