About us

Research network

The research network Journalism and Communication focuses on research in journalism, communication and media. The network gathers researchers and doctoral students from the Swedish School of Social Science and University of Helsinki as well as other universities, studying the interdisciplinary field of journalism, communication and media from different perspectives. The network organizes topical seminars, workshops and other events where researchers present and discuss their cutting-edge projects, ideas about future research and collaborations as well as other current research-related topics. The network supports individual members in their research initiatives and grant applications. The researchers of the network contribute actively to the public debate and cooperate with media, civil society and different organizations. The research network is led by professor Jaana Hujanen.

Studies in journalism and communication

At the Swedish School of Social Science you can study journalism and communication, at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels in an inspiring combination of practical and theoretical courses. Most of the courses are taught in Swedish, but we offer a number of courses and thematic modules in English as well.