Separation Science Seminar was organized at Vierumäki Sport Resort

The research group organized a two-day seminar at Vierumäki Sport Resort. Over 15 researchers working in the field of separation science participated the seminar and represented their research.

The Ion ex­change for nuc­lear waste treat­ment and for re­cyc­ling research group organized a two-day  seminar at Vierumäki Sport Resort. The invited participants consisted of professionals working in the broad field of separation science. The topics covered consisted of many aspects of separation of harmful contaminants including for instance liquid extraction, ion exchange and adsorption. The seminar gave a unique opportunity for young students to meet each other and discuss their research with peers. During the social activities, the separation scientists had an opportunity to work on their precission and accuracy in the archery range. The seminar was organized for the first time but the objective is to make this an annual meeting.