Members of our research group.
Karin Hemmann

Karin Hemmann, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki, Biology, Genetics

I have specialized in animals, in particular horses, behavior disorder and its genetic and hormonal determinants. I am a biologist/geneticist, and this study principal investigator (PI). I will be happy to keep in touch with our partners and to share our research and its progress with the public and the media. I participate in research on the origin, diversity and genetic traits of the Finnhorse. 

Contact information
+358 50 4776017
Archeology / Department of Cultures
PO Box 59 (Unioninkatu 38 F), 00014 University of Helsinki


Tuija Kirkinen

Tuija Kirkinen, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki, Archeology

I have specialized in animal archaeology and fiber research. I will be responsible for the project's archaeological field research, museum cooperation and civic sampling, as well as research on biological heritage. I will tell the public and the media about our research and its progress.

Contact information
+358 2941 22905
Archeology / Department of Cultures
PO Box 59, 00014 University of Helsinki.

Kristiina Mannermaa

Kristiina Mannermaa, PhD, Docent, University of Helsinki, Osteology, Bone analysis, PI of a ERC research group

Mika Lavento

Mika Lavento, Professor, University of Helsinki, Archeology

I have worked as a professor of archeology at the University of Helsinki since 2004. I've been doing field studies in Finland, Russia, Greece and Jordan. My main interest in archeology is the Bronze Age, but also Finno-Ugric archeology. Doctoral thesis on "Textile Ceramics in Finland and on the Karelian Isthmus" textile ceramics Finland and neighboring areas.

Contact information
+358 50 4480658, +358 2941 23578
Archeology / Department of Cultures
PO Box 59 (Unioninkatu 38), 00014 University of Helsinki

Päivi Laine

Päivi Laine, Agronomist MMM, Breeding history of the Finnish horse, Pedigree

Area of ​​expertise: Equine vocational training and network of operators; Finnish horse breeding and sport: knowledge of networks of operators, contacts with horse breeders, knowledge of the use and social significance of the Finnish horse. International Activities: Secretary to two International Qualifications and Equestrian Educational Networks and active member of the European State Studs Association. Role of the research: Obtaining historical data of fiinnhorses through the use of networks, finding out information on Finnhorses. Communication, acquisition and dissemination of information in both domestic and international networks related to the use and culture of horses.

Contact information
+358 40 8607601

Markku Saastamoinen

Markku Saastamoinen, MMT, Docent, Senior Researcher, Natural Resources Center LUKE

I am an agronomist. The main focus of my research has been on horse widely and as part of society. In my thesis, (1997) I studied the inheritance of trotting horse, its growth and development and nutrition. In this project, I am responsible for studying the characteristics of the Finnish horse as a result of changes in breeding and use at the population level, as well as issues related to the use, history and significance of the breeds of origin.

Contact information
+358 40 5469879
Luke Natural Resources Center, Production Systems
Tietotie 2, 31600 Jokioinen


Laura Kvist

Laura Kvist, PhD, Docent, University of Oulu, Genetics

Geneticist, docent in molecular ecology and evolution. My research has focused on the genetics of natural populations and on the conservation genetics of animals and plants, now including domestic animals. In equine research I am involved in the analysis of samples in the early 1900s, as well as ancient, modern horse samples in a research project

Contact information
Ecology and Genetics Research Unit, University of Oulu

Markku Niskanen

Markku Niskanen, PhD, Docent, University of Oulu, Osteology

Johanna Honka

Johanna Honka, M.Sc., PhD student, University of Oulu, Genetic analysis

With a background in genetics specialist biologist. I graduated from the University of Oulu in 2015, after which I continued to do a doctoral dissertation on geese. I study in particular the utilization of genetic methods in nature conservation and the genetics of evolution with the help of DNA isolated from ancient samples (Ancient DNA). Finnish Horse project I'm involved in making genetic analyzes historical and archaeological samples.

Contact information
+358 50 3270665
Department of Ecology and Genetics
Linnanmaa, 90014 Oulu University