The project consortium is a team of top-level researchers from a variety of disciplines, ranging from veterinary and animal sciences to social and economical sciences. The project involves seven European partner organisations, as well as two nationally funded partners in China. Each of the partners have their own, complementary expertise and role within the project. The consortium is formed to ensure that all priority areas of the project are well represented, and to also make sure the partner countries represent a wide diversity of animal production, antimicrobial usage and consumer perceptions within EU. The Chinese partners do not only represent the Chinese animal production sector, but add extremely central expertise to the consortium, namely expertise on research on farm waste as a risk of environmental pollution.

The successful accomplishment of the ISAP project goals is not possible without the cooperation of a large range of stakeholders. A large variety of stakeholders have indicated their interest for collaoration with the ISAP project, including, for example, farmer associations, meat-producting companies, retailers and veterinary organisations.

The consortium is coordinated by Professor Anna Valros, University of Helsinki (contact: