Contact information

Integrins in Immunity group belongs to the Department of Biosciences of the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Group leader: Susanna Fagerholm

We are located in Biocentre 1 in Viikki Campus of University of Helsinki.
Our office and lab are in the C-wing of the 5th floor.
Office: room 5316 (Susanna Fagerholm), room 5312 (Heidi Harjunpää, Marc Llort Asens), room 5311 (Imrul Faisal, Guillem Saldo Ru­bio, Riku Somer­mäki)
Lab: room 5334

Street address:
University of Helsinki
Molecular and Integrative Biosciences Unit
Susanna Fagerholm group
Biocenter 1
C5 room 5334
Viikinkaari 9
00790 Helsinki

Email: Susanna.Fagerholm-at-Helsinki.Fi

Phone (Susanna): +358 50 448 6894

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