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Andreas Kautt*, Claudius Kratochwil*, Alexander Nater*, Gonzalo Machado-Schiaffino, Melisa Olave, Frederico Henning, Julián Torres-Dowdall, Andreas Härer, Darrin Hulsey, Paolo Franchini, Martin Pippel, Gene Myers, and Axel Meyer (2020): Contrasting signatures of genomic divergence during sympatric speciation. Nature 588:106-111.

Claudius Kratochwil, Yipeng Liang, Jan Gerwin, Joost Woltering, Sabine Urban, Frederico Henning, Gonzalo Machado-Schiaffino, Darrin Hulsey, and Axel Meyer (2018). Agouti-related peptide 2 facilitates convergent evolution of stripe patterns across cichlid fish radiations. Science 362:457–460.

Yipeng Liang, Axel Meyer and Claudius Kratochwil (2020): Neural innervation as a potential trigger of morphological color change and sexual dimorphism in cichlid fish. Scientific Reports 10, 12329.

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