Finnish Language and Literature Education

The Research Group for Finnish Language and Literature Education studies, in particular, subject didactic questions related to the teaching of mother tongue and literature and Finnish as a second language.

The research group for Finnish language and literature conducts multi-methodological and empirical research on the topics of learning, teaching, guidance, and assessment within the disciplinary scope. Our research within the field of subject didactics focuses on the school subject ‘mother tongue and literature’, and especially the syllabi of Finnish language and literature, and Finnish as a second language and literature. We examine Finnish language education on various educational levels, which include early childhood education, preparatory education, basic education, upper secondary school, vocational education, and teacher education. We are especially interested in: 

  • fostering language awareness and linguistic competences 

  • literacy; reading of different types of texts; critical literacy 

  • writing skills; production of various types of texts 

  • literature education; especially children’s and young adult literature 

  • learning and teaching knowledge about language; pedagogical grammar 

  • modes of interaction; corporality and materiality in learning 

  • beginning and developing Finnish language skill; socialization into a new language; teaching of it, support and assessment in various contexts 

  • mother tongue and home language instruction and support of a multilingual student 

  • curricula and their development; diversity, equity, and inclusion 

  • powerful disciplinary knowledge in L1 and literature education