There is a great quest for advancing the use of broad genetic information and precision medicine in the
hematology clinics to improve prognosis of patients with hematological malignancies.

Our research projects aim at exploring the Achilles heels in hematopoiesis predisposing to development of hematological malignancies. We will pursue this purpose by using meticulous deep biological and clinical phenotyping of patients diagnosed and treated in the Helsinki University Hospital (HUH), Joint Adult and Pediatric Rare Hematological Diseases Clinic (RHD), Department of Hematology, HUH, Comprehensive Cancer Center, and New Children’s Hospital. Also, individual patients identified outside the RHD and/or HUH will be consented and included in the study. Elucidating the function of (novel) genes/mutations will greatly increase our understanding of oncogenesis, as well as normal hematopoiesis, and lead to identification of individuals at higher risk or with inferior prognosis. Ultimately, our goal is to find tools for better survival of patients at increased risk for blood cancers.