"The Respect for EU rules is Ensured by Courts" - Helsinki Rule of Law Forum in Helsingin Sanomat

On Wednesday 15 September, an Op-Ed by Helsinki Rule of Law Forum's Juha Raitio, Allan Rosas and Pekka Pohjankoski, titled “The Respect for EU rules is Ensured by Courts", was published by Helsingin Sanomat, Finland's leading newspaper.

In the Op-Ed, the authors discuss the interpretation of EU rules, noting that under the EU Treaties the ultimate authority to interpret the Union's rules rests with the Court of Justice. Furthermore, the piece emphasizes the role that independent courts play in ensuring that EU rules are respected, and the importance of this to the rule of law in the EU and its member states. 

The Op-Ed also notes, taking the Finnish public discussion around the EU Recovery Plan as an example, that it is essential to pursue debate on which bodies interpret EU law in Finland and how they interpret that law. 

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