Professor Raitio speaks to Demla ry on rule of law development in the EU

On Saturday 4 September, Professor Raitio gave a talk to Oikeuspoliittinen yhdistys Demla ry, discussing the development relating to the rule of law in the European Union.

In his talk, Professor Raitio discussed first the concept of the rule of law and its content. This was followed by analysis of the implications of recent EU Court of Justice case law relating to judicial independence in the EU, the rule of law issues in Hungary and other so-called new member states, and last, the interpretation and meaning of legal certainty in the EU in light of the Ajos -ruling (C-441/14). The talk concluded with a discussion on the relationship between the rule of law and democracy, with an emphasis on the need to maintain an EU-wide understanding of the concept of the rule of law. 

For further information, please download the presentation below (in Finnish).