Neergaard, Paju and Raitio on Border Closures in the three Nordic EU Member States during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The article by Ulla Neergaard, Jaan Paju and Juha Raitio titled 'Broken Wings: Closure of Borders in the Three Nordic EU Member States during the COVID-19 Pandemic' was published in the newest EU Law Live Weekend Edition (Issue No. 59).

The article contributes to the larger discussion around the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on fundamental rights in the EU by analysing, in a broad sense, the pandemic-related border measures enacted in the three Nordic EU Member States. To this end, Raitio, Neergaard and Paju present three case studies of border controls during the pandemic in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, discussing the divergent approaches adopted by these states in light of the Commission's administrative letters and EU law more generally. Raitio, Neergaard and Paju point out that COVID-19 has proven to be a stress-test to the EU free movement principles, and emphasise the need for a coordinated approach. 

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