Event about the prevention of violent religious extremism was organised at McGill University on the 20th of March

The event Viewpoints to Countering Religious Extremism in Education and Public Policy was organised at McGill University's School of Religious Studies on the 20th of March 2019. The event brought together speakers and attendees from the fields of education and religious studies to discuss the perspectives related the prevention of religious extremism in different national contexts.

From our project team, Dr. Pia-Maria Niemi highlighted the importance of protective factors related to extremism when considering the educational contexts as preventative settings for extremism. Screen shot of the poster for the event about religious extremism MA Dilmurat Mahmut provided an analysis of the treatment of Uighur Muslims in China and Dr. André Gagné provided insights about the ways in which scholars can engage with the media and public policy when issues of extremism are on the agenda. All of the viewpoints presented were summarized by Dr. Ratna Ghosh who highlighted the role of education as a primary form of changing the societal structures that feed into the root causes of extremism.

For more information about the given presentations, please contact the presenters.