A new MOOC on the prevention of radicalization and violent extremism through education available online for all educators (in Finnish only)

The aim of the online training is to increase Finnish educators' understanding of the themes related to violent radicalization and extremism, as well as to improve their skills in preventing, dealing with, and dealing with extremism-related themes as part of their work. "Prevention of Violent Radicalization and Extremism through Education" is an online in-service training for all people working in the education sector. The MOOC is free of charge for the participants and it was commissioned by the Finlands' National Agency for Education.

This MOOC is a self-paced e-course that provides participants with a basic understanding of radicalization and extremism, as well as opportunities to prevent them in an institutional context. The training consists of five sections, each of which includes a video, as well as additional material to increase one's own expertise and/or for pedagogical use. The total duration of the videos is about 80 minutes. 

Themes of the videos:

1. The role of education in the prevention of violent radicalization and extremism

2. Self-reflection and knowledge enhancement

3. Broad-based prevention of radicalization and strengthening of resilience

4. Addressing the themes related to radicalization and extremism with pupils and students

5. Acting in emergencies

The content of the MOOC has been produced by researchers from the University of Helsinki: Saija Benjamin *, Katja Vallinkoski, Daniel Sallamaa, Leena Malkki and Pia Koirikivi *. The MOOC is organized by HY +.

More information (in Finnish): https://hyplus.helsinki.fi/koulutus/vakivaltaisen-radikalisoitumisen-ja…;

*Researchers represent the Growing up Radical? research project led by Prof. Arniika Kuusisto and funded by the Academy of Finland.